Quantcast Fig. 1 - Schematic Diagram of Typical Lubrication System.

TM 5-3895-359-14&P
Fig. 1 - Schematic Diagram of Typical Lubrication System.
The blower drive gear bearing is lubricated through an
Excess oil from the rocker arms lubricates the ends of
external pipe from the rear horizontal oil passage of the
the valve push rods, injector push rods and the cam
cylinder block.
followers, and then drains to cam pockets in the top of
cylinder block from which the cams are lubricated.
A longitudinal oil gallery on the camshaft side of the
When these pockets are filled, the oil overflows through
cylinder head is supplied with oil from one of the vertical
two holes, one at each end of the blower housing, as
bores located at each end of the cylinder block.  Oil
shown in Figs. 1 and 2, and thus provides lubrication for
from this gallery enters the drilled rocker arm shafts
the blower drive gears at the rear end and for the
through the rocker shaft brackets at the lower ends of
governor mechanism at the front end. A dam in the
the drilled bolts and lubricates the rocker arm bearings
blower rear end plate cover maintains an oil level in
and push rod clevis bearings.


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